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TARHEELS by Jonathan Daniels

If the sky is Carolina Blue where you live then you'll want this book on your shelf. If it's Duke blue when you look up then you are of a whole different sort and probably didn't even read this far. But if you it anyhow and throw it in the fire. It's your book....right? Just so you know.....we paid a fair price just to get this book , but we grab interesting titles when we see them, because that's the time to buy something unique.........when you see it ; ) Remember that. Find it in the Premium Books Section -Jimmy

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Recent Additions to FHB

The Brothers Karmazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky Cover

The Brothers Karmazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

All pages are removed from this cool little book. Small but roomy inside.... Read More

The Captive   by Marcel Proust Cover

The Captive by Marcel Proust

We really wanted to keep the dust jacket to this beauty so we did. Sort of..... as you can see. This book wasn't cheap but we had to have it. Prou... Read More

Las Mil Y Una Noches Cover

Las Mil Y Una Noches

Made for any Full Sized Glock. We left a half inch of pages in the front for added authenticity. ... Read More

JACK  straight from the gut  by Jack Welch Cover

JACK straight from the gut by Jack Welch

You don't know Jack. But if you him this book. ... Read More

The Complete Book of Games Cover

The Complete Book of Games

by Clement Wood and Gloria Goddard. Another georgeous Red hollow book from FHB. Distinctive spine and ample storage space for your unmentionables. Dim... Read More

Time Life Books case (Kichens and Bathrooms / Plum Cover

Time Life Books case (Kichens and Bathrooms / Plum

The perfect gift for your handyman. ... Read More

Where are the FREE Hollow Books?

We give away a FreeHollowBook once a month that's totally free and shipped free. It's always in plain sight. Just read the silly descriptions for every book. The price won't say $0.00......come on, what fun would that be? It could be on any section of the site or even the featured book on the main page. The first one to find it gets it.

So why do all the books have prices if this is Well here's the thing. Many of the books we get are from the FREE shelf at our local used book store. We HOLLOW them out for you.

Check out the FAQ or email us with any questions or book suggestions you have. We love new ideas.

The domain we wanted originally didn't conatin the word FREE but someone had it and now it's a zombie link farm. Please don't go to that URL. .

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