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Tom Clancy Under Fire Glock Book

Custom designed for this Gun with handy finger spaces for quick and easy removal. There's even a Glock on the front cover, come on, how cool is that? It is in the Gun Book Section. Link at the top right.

Feel free to email us with any questions or custom book ideas or visit our sister site at We can work with you to make your idea become reality. or use the "contact us" link above. -Jimmy

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For the latest Free Hollow Book news check out our mini blog on the books page. We'll tell you all about the newest books and other upcoming goodies!

Recent Additions to FHB

Little Women Cover

Little Women

A little book about women or something. A bargain book , just take a look. ... Read More

Tiny Bible Cover

Tiny Bible

One of our last hand cut books. Still been a showpiece until now. 11/15/17 nosfor sale. Cue ball for scale. We were out of bananas. ... Read More

Texasville Glock Book Cover

Texasville Glock Book

Built to hold any mid-sized Glock like a 19 or 23. This was used in the shop to hold a Glock 23 for the last few years. Handy finger holes for easy ... Read More

Joshua  Son of None by Nancy Freedman Cover

Joshua Son of None by Nancy Freedman

Its says Joshua on the spine and some other stuff. Cheap! cheap. Downgraded to clearance. 11/11/17 You'll be lucky if we decide to fin... Read More

Landscape Structures and Decks  iPad Air 2 Case Cover

Landscape Structures and Decks iPad Air 2 Case

Painstakingly crafted to be the most unique iPad case on the planet. If you don't count the Cowboy one above.... Features include; surreptitiously c... Read More

10 Little Golden Books together  Cover

10 Little Golden Books together

This is only the second one of these we've ever done. The first one sold quickly. This one is bigger too. 10 books vs 8 the last time. Go to the SOLD ... Read More

Where are the FREE Hollow Books? (Update 12-19-16)

We give away a FreeHollowBook once a month that's totally free if you pay the actual shipping. It's always in plain sight.theres one on here right now by the way. Just read the silly descriptions for every book. The price won't say $0.00......come on, what fun would that be? It could be on any section of the site or even the featured book on the main page. The first one to find it gets it.

So why do all the books have prices if this is Well here's the thing. Many of the books we used to get were from the FREE shelf at our local used book store. We HOLLOW them out for you.

Check out the FAQ or email us with any questions or book suggestions you have. We love new ideas.

The domain we wanted originally didn't contain the word FREE but someone had it. 7 years later we bought it and there's a whole new site there now. But we like this one too and plan to keep it going .

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