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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

The Holy Grail of technology history? Maybe not....... however, this book IS designed to hold your compact or sub-compact Glock. 9mm? 10mm? .40 cal? It don't matter. Works with the subcompact without magazine extension only. Space for an extra magazine with handy finger pull cutout. By the way, the dust jacket is permanently attached to the book in case you were wondrering. Won't last a week so get it now if you know what's good for ya buddy. Completed 3/29/15

See it in the Gun Book section.

Feel free to email us with any questions or custom book ideas because we can accommodate all varieties of guns. All we need is a simple tracing of your gun to create a one of a kind book for you. Email us for the address to send it to. We can work with you to make your concept become reality. -Jimmy

Check out the Gun Book section. Just click the BOOKS link on the top right.

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Tome Quest Adventure Cover

Tome Quest Adventure

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The Rennaisance by Will Durant Cover

The Rennaisance by Will Durant

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The Spymasters By Web Griffin XDS Book Cover

The Spymasters By Web Griffin XDS Book

Custom made to hold your stock Springfield Arms XDS 3.3" and an extra magazine. Will not accommodate the extended magazine however. ... Read More

The Book of Ralph by John McNally Cover

The Book of Ralph by John McNally

This is not a book to puke in. Remember that. ... Read More

THE COWBOYS  IPad Air 2 carrying case Cover

THE COWBOYS IPad Air 2 carrying case

Totally unique! One of a kind custom fit iPad Air 2 case. Shaped for a naked iPad. Easy access cutouts allow use of volume and sleep buttons while i... Read More

10 Little Golden Books together  Cover

10 Little Golden Books together

This is only the second one of these we've ever done. The first one sold quickly. This one is bigger too. 10 books vs 8 the last time. Go to the SOLD ... Read More

Where are the FREE Hollow Books?

We give away a FreeHollowBook once a month that's totally free and shipped free anywhere on Earth. It's always in plain sight. Just read the silly descriptions for every book. The price won't say $0.00......come on, what fun would that be? It could be on any section of the site or even the featured book on the main page. The first one to find it gets it.

So why do all the books have prices if this is Well here's the thing. Many of the books we get are from the FREE shelf at our local used book store. We HOLLOW them out for you.

Check out the FAQ or email us with any questions or book suggestions you have. We love new ideas.

The domain we wanted originally didn't conatin the word FREE but someone had it and now it's a zombie link farm. Please don't go to that URL. .

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